Love Life Outreach Vocational Training

Safety and Employability Training

This program is designed to give individuals preparation for a variety of work environments and the skills they need to be successful in finding and maintaining employment. Classroom training covers two modules totaling 8 hours of the NCCER Core Curriculum, and individual employment guidance and counseling is also provided for each student: 

NCCR Basic Safety (4-hour session)


·         Presents basic jobsite safety information to prepare employees for the work environment. Describes the common causes of workplace incidents and accidents and how to avoid them. Introduces common PPE, including equipment required for work at height, and its proper use. Information related to safety in several specific environments, including welding areas and confined spaces, is also provided.



NCCER Basic Employability Skills (4-hour session)

(These two modules will be taught in a single day in a group instructional setting.)

·         Discusses critical thinking and essential problem-solving skills. Also identifies and discusses positive social skills and their value in the workplace.


Employment Assistance:

·         Students will also work individually with an employment counselor to help them create or improve a resume and learn how to successfully job search and interview.

·         Employment Events will be held monthly with area partner employers, open only to students currently enrolled in or graduates of the program.  Students will interview with multiple companies on site, enabling the companies to make conditional job offers.


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